Long Term Care Plans

At some point in the future we’re all likely to need some type of long term care solution whether it’s living with a family member or employing a home health care professional.

The average duration of all that care may surprise you. The average stay in an assisted living facility is 29 months. A nursing home stay is likely to be 835 days, and around 20% of those will need care for longer than 5 years. In cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s, this stay is probably even longer.

LongTermCare.gov, National Care Council, National Investment Center

The time to plan is now.

You’ve been working your whole life with a goal in mind; that you’d reach a certain age and live on your retirement savings. Serious illness can and will wipe out that savings, and, once you’ve become ill, it’s too late to qualify for a good long term care plan. The time to make your choices is before you’ve become ill or disabled.

Find out your options today.

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