Three simple diet tricks for aging gracefully.

So often we think of diet as a radical shift. We have to go all protein or no sugars. We think we have to radically change our lifestyles, however, the simplest change we can make for our health is to change our thinking.

How we think about food can be at the very root of our issues. Diet is habit. We eat certain foods because we like them, because we always have, or because it’s the easiest choice.

Tiny changes can yield big results in diet.

Breaking bad habits and replacing them with good choices can help us be healthier each day without the heartbreak of radical changes in our lifestyle or failure and disappointment when we ultimately give in to temptation and fall back into our old habits.

Antioxidants are your friend

Free radicals occur naturally in our bodies and attack DNA, fats and proteins causing disease and accelerating the effects of time. You can find a good amount of antioxidants in fruits and veggies, blueberries, strawberries, eggplant, cabbage, and even green tea are examples of tasty foods that are high in antioxidants.

The simple change of adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can make a huge difference. Simply putting a tomato on a deli sandwich or asking for a salad can make a big difference in the aging process.

Fiber, fiber, fiber

According to Medical News Today, studies are indicating that fiber plays a vital role in delaying aging’s effects on the brain. It does this by reducing inflammation and altering the microbes in the gut and, surprisingly, also the brain, specifically the microglia in the brain.

All of that adds up to one thing; a diet high in soluble fiber is the easiest way to get the compounds that help your brain as you grow older. One simple change to diet with so many health benefits is easy to do.

Cutting carbs adds quality of life

Aside from the obvious and well known health issues of diabetes and heart disease, carbs and trans fats can also age you on the outside according to this fascinating article from WebMD, and inflammation appears to be at the core of that problem again.

What’s your relationship with sugar like?

Diabetes is a major risk factor as we age. Basically, our bodies develop a relationship with sugar. We train our system as we eat to produce the right amount of insulin which helps speed the sugars we consume to the cells. Eating fewer sugars and carbs can help us avoid one of the worst diseases present in our aging population.

Simple mindfulness of what we eat can make a huge difference in the choices we make. Habits are so difficult to give up, just ask anyone with a caffeine addiction about that first cup of coffee in the morning, and this is true of everything including our food choices. We are creatures of habit, but habits can be broken. The first step is becoming self-aware and understanding your own diet.

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